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Use of APIs across various industries

Use of APIs across industries

“We have to stop optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users. — Jeff Atwood Just a decade ago, the term API would have sounded foreign to anyone not directly involved with software development. Application Programming Interface—just the abbreviation is a mouthful. But in 2020, and more in the years to come, this term is…

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Why banks must warm up to APIs?

Why banks must warm upto APIs

After enough has been written about the benefits of using APIs for banks, only one pertinent question remains: It now boils down to ‘When rather than Whether’ for API adoption by banks. In that pursuit, the biggest challenge seems to be – ‘how to monetize our API efforts?’ The simple answer is to figure out…

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The World of APIs

If you are using a travel site to book flight tickets or an entertainment app to book movie tickets or simply making payments through your mobile, you are using APIs- the technical name for programs that help software systems connect with one another and perform tasks by sharing information. Closer to home, a telling example…

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